O2Yoga Breathe Life is closing …

I once heard that every decision has a shelf life before taking it to the next level, that of manifestation. Sometimes there isn’t even time to see our decision/vision come to frutition because something else falls on our path. The truth is that nothing ever turns out exactly how we imagined. It was just 6 weeks ago that I shared that O2yoga was transforming into two independent spaces in the space we know. That was then, before the second wave of Covid. What I thought would manifest at the end of November is once again transforming into something else, something that I do not know yet. As unsettling as it is, the not knowing gifts me the space to create new space. What I do know is that I am committed to transmit. I do know the gratitude that I have for you- your dedication and your presence.

Thank you !

We will get through this together. Classes on Zoom (please click here for all the classes schedule) and something bright on the other side of the rainbow.