O2Yoga Breathe Life

Notre Mantra est Respirez la vie. Respirez l’amour. Respirez la paix. Respirez la sagesse. Respirez la gratitude. Respirez la lumière. Respirez le bonheur. Respirez le calme. Respirez la compassion. Respirez le yoga. Respirez maintenant. Respirez You. Juste Respirez.

Le centre est fermé jusqu’à nouvel ordre suite aux mesures prises par le Conseil fédéral pour lutter contre le coronavirus 


So, why O2 Yoga? O2 guides and animates you 24/7 and is the quintessence of your being. The breath is the gift of life, In fact, without it life could no longer exist. With an average of 600 million breaths in a lifetime, we have become so busy that we cease to remember that one single breath contains the spark of life, the spark of spirit. Therefore, one might say that we have 600 million opportunities in a lifetime to remember our essence.

At O2 Yoga Breathe Life we gingerly remind you to breathe into your body and into this moment. Whether you can do the splits or handstand in the middle of the room has little importance to us, but your breath does because it is what connects your body, your mind, your heart and your soul to this  moment.  We encourage you to fill the space that you are, show up exactly how you are and let go of everything you are not. We love to see you be you.

O2 Yoga is a studio dedicated to opening the hearts and minds of all through our classes and events.
Our mission is to provide a safe space for your inner and outer growth through non-judgmental practices that will guide you towards self consideration, serenity and uncovering the best version of you. We are passionate about you and your evolution, whether it be making peace with your body or befriending your mind, we are here to support and you and your journey.

Samedi 14 mars de 11h30 à 14h – Happy Hips Masterclass avec Illona

Réservations :...

Samedi 1 mars de 18h à 20h – Kundalini Yoga avec Cynthia

Réservations 078 876 77 01 et...

Samedi 7 mars de 13h30 à 17h30 – Le Monde au Féminin avec Elise & Aum

Niveau 1 « Le Chaudron » Venez découvrir ce lieu du « Chaudron » si particulier à l’énergie du Féminin au travers d’un stage de 4h environ entre Yoga, Théorie, Anatomie et Activation Énergétique de Miranda Grey. Qu’il est bon de découvrir où se trouve la force en...

Stage Yin Yoga – Dimanche 22 mars de 15h à 17h30 avec Phil

Ce stage est ouvert à tous. Le Yin yoga est un excellent complément à toute pratique active (yang) des asanas. Les postures sont tenues au sol longuement et s’adressent particulièrement aux tissus conjonctifs (et non musculaires) des hanches, des cuisses, du bassin et...

May 9-15 – Yoga retreat in Mani (Greece) with Jessica

Theme This is your personal journey, harnessing and stoking your inner fire which results in your ability to digest physical and emotional experiences, develop determination and courage to step into your inner radiance. The practices will include asana, a variety of...