Time to return home

We are currently facing uncertain times that continue to generate an underlying fear of what is to come. The lockdown is contributing to the confinement of the virus and yet it has amplified the feeling of isolation and solitude for many, and it is real. It is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel and know that this too will pass as life is ever-evolving whether we recognise this or not. Impermanence is the only element of permanence in life and its embracing makes it easier to ride its waves. Knowing this, and the reality that we are facing worldwide, we can make this an opportunity to reap the gift of TIME, something that we have lost so long ago.A time to slow down and feel and reflect. A time to read and write poetry. A time to stare out of the window, day dreaming the day away. A time to paint and write, sing, make music, sew even if you never have. A time to cook with consciousness and freeze the meals for later days. A time to have meaningful conversations and make love. A time to reinstate the art of penmanship and write letters, not emails, to loved ones across the globe. A time to spring clean and rid our space of clutter and unnecessary items. A time to take online courses and learn a foreign language. A time to play board games and cards. A time to listen to inspiring podcasts and relaxing music.A time to take cat naps and cuddle with our partners, our children, our animals and ourselves. A time to delve into self care, caring for our hair, skin and body. A time to meditate and practice yoga, pray and contemplate. A time to send positive energy to those in need. A time to be still and just BE for once with no agenda. It’s a time to mourn and time to heal.

This is your time to come home. Home to where your heart beats its own rhythm and sings its own song. This place called home is uniquely yours and it is time, NOW, not tomorrow, to return HOME.

As O2yoga is our haven, a place where we convene to practice, to share and to connect. We have a connected community that is supportive and devoted. Our Dream Team is full of inspired and passionate teachers that are in service to you. WE miss you and we miss teaching. For me personally, O2yoga is my extended family and my community and teaching is the way I feel connected and in service. The closing of O2yoga, as temporary as it may be, is difficult for all. We recognise this and for some it is your way of feeing part of a community too.

In the thralls of the pandemic and semi lockdown, I received a call just today from one of our students in our weekly senior class. ”Is there yoga for seniors tomorrow ?” I explained that surely she was aware of the dangers of convening in a group and that sadly we were closed. She retorted, ‘’Oh, we must petition that decision to close the centre! Federal or not, it is in times like this we most need our yoga.’’ Bless her heart.

We wish that through the many inspirational classes that you have attended at O2yoga we have completed our dharma, our mission to inspire you to be self-inspired, to trust your body and its moment to moment needs. Know that there are 8’400’000 yoga postures so literally any movement invented or not is an expression of yoga, with one condition-  if practiced with breath and conscious awareness.

Get creative and trust that as long as there is no pain you are practicing mindfully. Having a home practice in times like these is empowering and helps cultivate self-care and self-love, the bricks and mortar of your home.