Aparigraha – The Art of Letting Go – November 22 from 15h to 18h

Explore the art of letting go through self inquiry, Tantric practices, Buddhist approaches, shadow coaching, asanas and meditation. Create space & your new reality.

Letting Go is an art and something that feels counter-intuitive and yet it is the path toward growth and freedom. This workshop, using asana, theory and discussion, pranayama and meditation as well as journalling will guide you toward understanding the process of letting go.

Lâcher-prise est un art de vivre, quelques qui pourrait paraître contre -intuitive mais est le chemin de la transformation et l’evolution. Avec les asanas, la théorie, le pranayama ainsi que la meditation vous serez guider vers le chemin de la liberation.Le stage est ouvert à tout niveau confondu et ou membre et non-membre.

Limited to 15 students.

CHF 70 For pre-registration contact Jessica at 076 369 1880 and