Dimanche 27 septembre de 15h à 17h30 – Home Practice Comes from Within

Learn the ABCs of creating a home practice with Jessica

Your sadhana comes from within. Pattabhi Joyce once said, that yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice, practice takes place on your mat as well as the way you practice yoga in your daily life. This workshop will offer the fundamentals of cultivating a home practice that will nourish your body and soul. You will learn how to construct a practice that is adapted to your personal needs and how to listen to your body. You will learn the importance of the breath and how to create a practice that will become your inner guide.
Bring a journal and paper to chart your practice.
You will leave with your own personalised practice that includes asana, breath, intention and meditation.
Limited to 16 students.
CHF 65 For pre-registration contact Jessica at 076 369 1880 and dakinijess@gmail.com.