Dimanche 22 Novembre de 15h à 18h – Aparigraha the Art of Letting Go

The art of letting go is a lifetime process. At birth, we instinctively cling to our mothers for security. Clinging continues through most of our life and in turn creates deep suffering because everything comes and goes. Aparigraha is the art of letting go. In this workshop we will examine the ways in which we grasp and how we can relinquish our control to create space and freedom. Through asana and breath, by examining our internal thoughts and judgments, using our fears for energy, we will learn new meditations for forgiveness and love. Please bring paper and a pen for journaling. This workshop is open to all levels.

Price CHF 70

For pre-registration contact Jessica at 076 369 1880 and dakinijess@gmail.com.

Dimanche 27 septembre de 15h à 17h30 – Home Practice Comes from Within

Learn the ABCs of creating a home practice with Jessica

Your sadhana comes from within. Pattabhi Joyce once said, that yoga is 1% theory and 99% practice, practice takes place on your mat as well as the way you practice yoga in your daily life. This workshop will offer the fundamentals of cultivating a home practice that will nourish your body and soul. You will learn how to construct a practice that is adapted to your personal needs and how to listen to your body. You will learn the importance of the breath and how to create a practice that will become your inner guide.
Bring a journal and paper to chart your practice.
You will leave with your own personalised practice that includes asana, breath, intention and meditation.
Limited to 16 students.
CHF 65 For pre-registration contact Jessica at 076 369 1880 and dakinijess@gmail.com.

Change is in the air

Heraclitus once said,” the only constant in life is change.’’

The heart of Buddhism is rooted in what we call Inicca, or simply known as impermanence. We conveniently, yet naively believe that things are here to stay. Our mind morphs our feelings and an entire array of things into permanent fixtures because this is the way the mind manifests safety. Here’s the thing, no matter how well you train the mind and how powerful it becomes, change is inevitable. The only thing that is permanent in life is impermanence itself. 
Change can be scary. It can be uncomfortable and yet, it can be exhilarating and liberating. Sometimes things occur that instigate change, pushing us to the brink of new horizons while igniting growth.

Personally, Covid became my impetus for change as it has for so many.
For so many years, O2yoga has been my second baby, my extended family, my haven and my personal place of community. Twenty-five years ago, my journey as a yoga teacher began and soon after Entre Ciel & Terre was birthed. My passion became my mission and my mission became inspiring others within the walls of Entre Ciel & Terre. My journey as a teacher and the creation of our community have gifted me joy and satisfaction beyond words. Together we have witnessed and experienced many transformations – Entre Ciel & Terre to O2Yoga and along the way, so many more. Today, I am asked to step up and make one of the most difficult decisions and changes.  It is time to let go of this baby because this baby has matured and it is time to move on. The truth is that I yearn to return to what I love- inspiring others through the simplicity of teaching and in the process relinquishing my duties as a studio owner. It is time to let go of what has been to embrace what will become. This moment is here and change is knocking at my door.

As of December 1st, O2Yoga will be returning to its essence, back to where my personal journey began 25+ years ago when I was starting off. O2Yoga will remain in our beautiful space in Vich and yet the space will be shared. O2Yoga will be divided into 2 studios, run independently yet harmoniously by Philippe and by me. How will this affect you? Both of us will be teaching 8 classes a week. Your existing memberships will be honoured. As of the 1st of December we will transfer your remaining classes to either a ”Philippe Pass’’ or mine. For those students that wish to partake occasionally in Philippe’s or my classes you can do so for a drop in fee of CHF39 AND if your membership is still active you will receive a preferred rate reflected by the individual amount of the type of membership you have, i.e. 20 classes will give you a drop in rate of CHF29. 

Please know that if you are considering renewing your membership today that the change will take place on the 1st of December. From this date the schedule will be abbreviated and you will be asked to transfer your remaining classes to either one of our memberships. 
I am grateful for our journey together and the community that we have created with our Dream Team at O2Yoga. Because we are ultimately connected, I realise that my changes become your changes which can affect you too. I am infinitely blessed for your continued support and may you embrace your changes with serenity. With much love, Jessica 

Samedi 29 août dès 8h45 – Yoga & Sup & Brunch – Au port de Rolle avec Jess

8h45 yoga sur terre /yoga on the earth

9h15 yoga sur le paddle /yoga on the board

11h00- 12h00 brunch @ Le Cap Breton au bord du l’eau/Brunch at Cap Breton on the water. 

Partez en vacances à Rolle!Nous offrons une matinée en mode “retraite” à Rolle le 29 août pour une experience inédite de yoga, yoga & paddle et brunch. Démarrez votre journée avec de l’énergie et d’un attitude “chill” avec un cours de yoga au bord de l’eau suivi par un cours de yoga sur le paddle et terminerons pieds dans l’eau au Cap Breton pour un brunch inouï. Cette retraite est ouverte à tous même si vous n’avez jamais fais du yoga ni de paddle. Le matériel est fourni (paddles, pagaies et gilet de sauvetage). Places limitées à 9 personnes. Information et inscriptions au 076 369 1880. dakinijess@gmail.com

Holiday in Rolle!We are offering a morning retreat in Rolle the 29th of August for a unique experience of yoga, paddle yoga and brunch. Start your day full of energy and with a chill attitude with a yoga class by the water followed by yoga on the paddle and a delicious brunch at Cap Breton. This retreat is open to all levels even if you have never practiced. All material is supplied- boards, paddles, life jackets. Space is limited to 9 so sign up early 076 369 1880. For information et registration dakinijess@gmail.com