Samedi 27 octobre 2018 de 15h à 18h ~ Women’s health : Finding Harmony With Your Hormones Avec Dr. Alexina Mehta

Part 1

Welcome ladies! Self Care is important in preventative healthcare and in this workshop, you will learn Dr. Mehta’s top tips for managing hormones naturally. She will draw from many different holistic systems of healing from around the world and share the treasures that she has discovered through her studies and in practice with each of them. It is helpful to see how other systems manage hormonal health as it can be inspiring in bringing new possibilities into your world if you have been looking for solutions.

Some areas covered:
-difficult weight loss
-adrenal fatigue
-mood swings
-peri-menopause, menopause, post-menopause

You will learn about solutions from:
-Natural Medicine
-Chinese Medicine
-Ayurveda (the oldest practicing system of medicine in the world from India)
-Energy Medicine
-Yoga and Meditation
-Detoxification Practices
-Herbs and Essential oils

Part 2: (1 hour)

Yoga and Meditation Practice for Women’s Health
Drawing from Her background in Pilates, Yoga, Meditation and Dance, Dr. Alexina Mehta will guide you through a meditation and movement practice designed for improving women’s health and well-being. Leave with a routine that you can continue after the workshop at home to support your overall well-being.

Come wearing comfortable clothing.

Can use my bio from:

Testimonial from one participant:

« I am beyond grateful I had the opportunity to attend Dr. Alexina’s Women’s Health Circle and was able to ask questions I usually don’t feel comfortable asking my doctor or gynecologist.
I can’t wait to sign up for the next one and highly recommend attending her Women’s Health Circle if you get the chance!!! »
-Laura L, France

Location: O2 Yoga

Reservation :

Private Ayurvedic Consultations with Dr. Alexina Mehta also available this date: 50 min session for 90CHF.

LIMITED SPACES: This is a popular topic so if you want to come to learn, register soon as it will fill up.